New WoW Dragonflight pet is an adorable frog duck hybrid

WoW Dragonflight’s pre-patch is finally here, and with it, brand new achievements and rewards for hardcore fans of the popular MMORPG who enjoy collecting mounts and pets. The game’s latest expansion is rewarding players who have dedicated themselves to the grind of collecting the various battle pets and mounts that are obtainable across Azeroth. In the WoW Dragonflight pre-patch, there are already four new pets that are obtainable by unlocking specific achievements. Here are all of the pet re

WoW Dragonflight UI update leaves fans with “lifeless” icons

WoW Dragonflight developer Blizzard Entertainment has delivered an enormous overhaul of the game’s UI in the popular MMORPG’s latest expansion. However, not everybody is loving all of the new changes. The devs have pushed big renovations to the game, including updating character portraits and introducing a grid that players can snap various action bars to. Another one of the more noticeable changes that came with the UI update was a rework to the micro-bar on the bottom right of the screen. Ic

WoW Dragonflight silver dragon rare portraits back after player outcry

The WoW Dragonflight silver dragon rare portraits are making a return following calls to developer Blizzard. During Dragonflight’s beta, long-time players of the popular MMORPG noticed that along with the massive UI update the devs removed the silver dragon from rare portraits from the game. According to data miners of the expansions, Blizzard had updated the visuals of both the silver rare and elite gold dragons but axed the silver dragons from returning once the expansion was to hit live serv

WoW Dragonflight pre-patch: Shadowlands systems and features

The WoW Dragonflight pre-patch has officially launched, and while most players are eager to dive into the MMORPG‘s new content for the very first time, not everything from the previous expansion, Shadowlands, will be completely removed. Typically when a new expansion drops developer Blizzard Entertainment will move on from the previous one’s major mechanics, but with Shadowlands having had so many, not all of them are hitting the back burner just yet. With the reintroduction of talent trees, B

WoW Dragonflight maximum character limit climbs to 60

Dragonflight is slated to introduce a lot of important gameplay features and system changes to the popular MMORPG, but one of the more major updates has gone under the radar – until now. When the Dragonflight pre-patch hits live servers on October 25, developer Blizzard Entertainment will be allowing for WoW accounts to host up to 60 characters at a time. The 60-character total is up from 50 in the previous expansion, Shadowlands, and marks a first in the game’s history. The change, first spot

WoW Mage Tower disabled in Dragonflight pre-patch, returns “soon”

The WoW Mage Tower will be disabled once the pre-patch for the MMORPG’s next expansion, WoW Dragonflight, is released on October 25. The Mage Tower is a difficult challenge that groups players together based on their class specialization, putting them through harsh boss fights for highly sought-after rewards like mounts, achievements, and more. It was initially introduced during the Legion expansion, then brought back as a permanent feature during Shadowlands in patch 9.1.5 without the need to

WoW WotLK Classic hotfix corrects loot errors, summoned pets, more

WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic has continued to have a collection of small bugs that have hampered the retro-MMORPG experience for many players. On October 19, developer Blizzard Entertainment released a hotfix patch to WotLK Classic that aimed to clean up some of these problems. The patch notes for the hotfix target a plethora of issues. One of the major fixes was a change to make sure all encounters respect the loot settings of the group, as there were times when the game wouldn’t respec

WoW Halloween event brings popular voice actors and huge prizes

The WoW Halloween event, Dance of the Dead, is an annual World of Warcraft community celebration hosted by dedicated players of the popular MMORPG from October 21 to 22, 2022. The Halloween-themed event will take place in Caer Darrow, an island in the Western Plaguelands, on the RP server of Moon Guard – one of the most active servers in the game. Members of both the Horde and Alliance are welcome to attend the spooky affair. Just after Dance of the Dead kicks off players will be able to atten

WoW Dragonflight pre-patch event lets you gear up faster

The WoW Dragonflight pre-patch event Primal Storms has finally been revealed in the expansion’s beta, showing off what players of the long-running MMORPG can expect when it finally hits live servers. In the pre-patch event, Primalist mobs invade specific locations on the map. Here are all of the locations where the Primalists will spawn, including which specific type of invasion to expect: Every 30-minutes or so an Elemental Lord will spawn at these locations which will trigger a mini-event an

WoW Dragonflight launch schedule: Pre-patch, release date, raids

The WoW Dragonflight launch roadmap shows players the lowdown on exactly when new content will be dropping for the MMORPG‘s upcoming expansion. Like each of WoW’s expansions, Blizzard will release content for Dragonflight with a pre-patch event as a prelude to the actual expansion. With so much content coming with Dragonflight, like an entire overhaul to the UI as well as a new race and class, developer Blizzard Entertainment has decided to split up the pre-patch event into two separate release

WoW Dragonflight adds visual boat timers to dock worker NPCs

WoW Dragonflight will add visual boat timers to the NPC dock workers at each location so you’re no longer aimlessly waiting around to set sail. Finally, players will know exactly when to expect a boat to arrive so you can continue your travels with ease. The expansion adds tons of small updates to the game that improve the visuals and UI, and modernize how adventurers travel around Azeroth, as developer Blizzard Entertainment attempts to give WoW a fresh new look and feel. The timer was tested

Watch WoW Dragonflight Alexstrasza art come to life in an hour

Alexstrasza is one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic dragons, so it was only fitting that she be put in the centre stage of the MMORPG’s next expansion, Dragonflight. Bayard Wu is a principal illustrator for Blizzard Entertainment and has made tons of gorgeous artwork for the popular MMORPG. His latest creation is arguably the most important piece of art to come from the Dragonflight expansion, and it’s the Life-Binder Alexstrasza’s key art. Wu posted a video to his YouTube channel showing ho

WoW Dragonflight cross faction play is now even easier

For the very first time in the long-running MMORPG’s history, WoW Dragonflight will introduce shared mob tags across factions. Beginning in the expansion’s pre-patch, which still does not have an official release date, players from both Horde and Alliance will be able to share mob tags while ungrouped with one another. To tag an enemy means that you’re the first player to have engaged them in combat, granting you the ability to defeat them and gain experience, as well as that highly coveted loo

WoW Dragonflight gets official art book, but it has a mistake

An Amazon listing for a brand new WoW book has been discovered and will give a detailed look at the dragons that will be starring in MMORPG’s upcoming expansion, Dragonflight. The book, titled The Dragonflight Codex, is set to have 100 never-before-seen illustrations of the flying beasts that will take center stage in the next chapter of the WoW story. The book is set to be a comprehensive guide to all of the dragons of Azeroth, both new and old. Although the Amazon listing claims that the boo

WoW player’s character vanishes, so does Blizzard support

Every WoW player’s worst nightmare is logging into the game only to find that their main character has seemingly disappeared. Unfortunately, fans of the long-running MMORPG have run into the problem before, a bug that seemingly will not go away. For Reddit user NoMagiciansAllowed, this nightmare became a reality when they logged into their account only to find their main character, a Shadow Priest, all but vanished from both the game as well as the restoration list, leaving them completely befu

WoW Dragonflight Evoker tier set is perfect for Dracthyr

WoW Dragonflight Evokers are getting their first tier set with the Vault of the Incarnates raid in season one, launching just two weeks after the upcoming expansion drops. Long-time fans of the popular MMORPG have been patiently awaiting what the first transmog set will be for the Evoker class, and now, they finally have their first look. Since Evokers have both a human form and dragon form, the tier set features gear for each form. In human form, it features a full colourful transmog set. But,

WoW WotLK Classic fan has made a Frostmourne lightsaber (seriously)

WoW Wrath Classic has revived fans’ love not just of the powerful Lich King, but his infamous weapon, Fostmourne. Fostmourne is well known for being the Lich King’s two-handed longsword that imprisons the souls of its victims and turns the living into the controlled undead in the MMORPG. One fan took his love for Frostmourne to the next level by creating a lightsaber from Star Wars that has the handle of the epic Frostmourne. The piece was created by TethanProps, who shared the finished produc

WoW Dragonflight Shaman tier set is as solid as a rock

The WoW Dragonflight shaman tier set has been unveiled, and players of the nature-bending class in the MMORPG will appreciate the new gear – but maybe not every specialization will find it appealing. Shamans are spiritual guides who control the elements. With that, most of the popular transmog gear sets follow an elemental theme, like Tyrannical Gladiator’s Ringmail and Regalia of the Firebird. However, the Dragonflight Season one transmog set for shamans takes a slightly different approach to

WoW Dragonflight Mage tier set turns you into an electrical ghost

The WoW Dragonflight mage tier set has finally been shown off by developer Blizzard Entertainment, as players of the ranged-DPS class have been dying to see what the company has whipped up for them in MMORPG’s upcoming expansion. Now, dedicated Mage players have been delivered what could be the most impressive design of the new tier sets for each class. The Dragonflight Mage tier set comes courtesy of Wowhead, and shows off each transmog in all its magical glory. The shoulders are the stand-ou

WoW Dragonflight Demon Hunter tier set would make Illidan proud

The WoW Dragonflight Demon Hunter tier set has been revealed, showing off the new stylish rewards that are on the way. The new tier set can be obtained by players who achieve a high rank in PvP or complete the first raid of the MMO’s new expansion, the Vault of the Incarnate. The long-running MMORPG is handing each class a new tier set, each with similar design elements that bind them together. Demon Hunters have some of the fiercest transmogs in all of WoW, with iconic looks like Eternal Curat
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